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"Renderhaus always delivers beyond expectations.

Their responsiveness and quick turnaround of high

quality, advertising-ready product at a very

reasonable cost are a powerful tool to help

describe the flavor and intent of any building

development to the client. Their background in

architecture makes them a natural team partner,

sensitive to all aspects of design. I highly

recommend their work."    

                                           -    George & Sherri Ananich

                                                                  H2A Architects

you look good  

clients look even better.

First impressions matter.  Not just the ones you make with your clients, but the ones they make on the world.  
For over 24 years Renderhaus has been crafting lasting first impressions with realistic architectural visualizations that guarantee you look good, and your clients look even better.   

After you've taken your tour of the Haus, stop in for a chat.

“Renderhaus brings the magic to all our designs. Their 3D modeling is always on point, but the sparkle and magic  happens with their incredible post-production work and exquisite use of detail. Their replication of real materials makes it almost impossible to tell if the image is a photograph of the finished product, or a computer generated image!”             

-  Shannon Easter-White  |  FUNchitecture



To put it simply, Renderhaus produces 3D visualizations of the built environment that help architects and developers show their clients what their projects will look like long before any construction has even begun. 

For Architects

Our services represent a way for your clients to visually engage with the spaces they will soon occupy, having the satisfaction of knowing that the right design decisions were made throughout. 

The robust visuals we bring to the table go a long way in helping your clients secure funding from investors, lock-in lease commitments from prospective building tenants, generate interest and positive feedback within the community, and win approval of construction plans from local development review committees.

For Developers

Ever since my years spent pulling all-nighters in studio working toward my undergrad and graduate degrees in architecture, I knew I'd never be fulfilled doing anything other than hand-crafting stunning imagery that expresses the architect's or developer's full design intent like no set of colored elevations or construction documents ever could.

Bringing your architectural visions to life in the most flattering and inspiring ways imaginable is what motivates me.  As trite as it may sound, I'm not happy unless you're happy!

Michael J. Brown  |  Owner



We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words.  

Make your words count.

In celebration of 15 years in business.  (Entire composition computer-generated.)


I personally read and respond to each correspondence, no matter the query.  So please type away.

Let's discuss your next project!
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